Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand Peggy's work.

Can't believe its already the end of December. The last portrait of the year, went to Florida, and was well received and loved. 

Setting my portrait schedule for the new year.  Please secure your painting session today via email or phone to discuss time frame available. Feel free to send a photo or digital image via email.I look forward to working together.

I'm finishing up a beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Sportsmen will appreciate this one, because of the composition of the painting. Hunting camo, shotgun, duck decoys and Chesapeake ammo box, and dog fill the image. This painting is a 20x24 framed original oil. Available for sale, January 1 2013.


Source Photography

This covers what kind of photograph is needed for the portrait, as well as what to do if your pet is hard to photograph yourself. Please request this information by email, and I have some photography tips I can forward to you. 



Commission a painting

This is about prices of oil, charcoal and pastel portraits and payment methods.

Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, I've set up a payment schedule to meet most needs. I request one third downpayment to secure your painting date. Another third, at the start of the oil portrait. The last third upon completion and your approval of the portrait, before shipping.

How much does a charcoal portrait cost?
My charcoal portraits start at $350 for one pet, with perhaps one aspect of the portrait colorized. This size will be approximately 11x14, depending on the composition of the portrait, and will come double matted ready for framing. Custom sizes are available upon request.

How much does an oil portrait cost? The commission price of an oil portrait is determined by the following factors: the number of subjects, the size of the actual painting, the complexity of the background setting versus a neutral setting and the quality of photo to be used for the portrait. If you are interested, please contact Peggy Krizak to discuss the cost and specifics of commissioning a custom oil portrait painting or to receive an estimate for your special portrait.

Do you accept credit cards?
I accept personal checks, money orders, bank checks, and credit cards for your convienence.

Painting Agreement Form
Click here to download a PDF file of my painting agreement form. Just print, complete and mail.

References are available upon request

Size of portrait?

Whether you chose traditional oil portraiture or a contemporary charcoal portrait, the size should be large enough to see your pets personality from across the room. Yet not so large that it overwehlms the room. If in doubt, please let me know the room dimensions as well as the location the portrait will be hung, and I'll assist in coming up with the appropriate size. 

I have a small dog, but a large historical home, what size should I chose?
A small dog or feline can be the focal point in a large overstuffed chair. Most "pets" have chosen a special chair as their favorite, perhaps the one you both share. Allow the painting to tell the story and you'll treasure that memory forever. I have assisted many clients chose the appropriate size of portrait according to the room dimensions. If you are doing a grouping of portraits, than small sizes will work together beautifully.

The room is only ten by twelve, what size should we chose?
Due to the size of the room one doesn't wish to overwhelm the space. A 12x16 or 16x20 would capture your pets personality beautifully and is one of the favorite sizes clients chose. If you have a larger dog, you may wish to have a head study, instead of the whole body and detailed background. When you walk in the room, you'll be able to see and recognize your pets personality that radiates from the eyes. That is my specialty.

 Most portraits are painted from your photographs. I enjoy painting from life, or a combination of sittings and reference photographs. I have painted memorial portraits solely from snapshots.

Shipping of Portraits

Paintings are placed in special packing material designed for shipping fine art. Overnight delivery is the preferred method. All artwork is fully insured. Shipping, handling and taxes (if applicable) are extra. All portraits have arrived in perfect condition.


"Your portrait captures one of my most cherished memories of Boomer sitting on top of my computer center every night watching me. I used to say "what a proud looking cat", Peggy truly captures his spirit in this portrait of Boomer. I'm already contemplating on the next portrait to be done by Peggy. "

—Jim Killion


A personal note to you on memorial portraits.

Some of us have had the privilege to have the one pet that touched our hearts like no other. You know the one. Every time you run across their photograph, it still melts your heart no matter how many years have passed. Consider this, pull your favorite photo out of the album, box or digital image,  and have it turned into a beautiful lasting oil portrait. This can be hung above the fireplace or in your favorite room to be enjoyed on a daily basis. This is what many have chosen to do and it brings back those special memories and is a timeless piece of art that one cherishes forever and can become a family heirloom. Please contact me to see what painting dates are still available for 2011. I'll look forward to working on this loving tribute of  your beloved pet.



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