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The Feline Collection consists of various domestic cats who allow us the privilege of their company. Abyssinian, Norwegian Forest, Ragdoll, Siamese and Silver Persian and very special felines of mixed breeding.

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Norwegian Forest Feline 11x14 (Oil)

Black Feline "Frankie" 12x16 Oil

Kitty 8x10 Oil

Abyssinian feline 12x16 (oil)

Silver Persian Feline 16x20 (oil)

Ragdoll Feline, Bluestone Malia of Soulmates oil portrait ...

Rocket Redglare 12x16 Oil

Boogie 11x14 (oil)

Boomer 16x20 (oil)

Irie 11x14 (oil)

Marley 11x14 (oil)

Spoiled Rotten & Evil Knievel 16x20 (oil)

Tai-Wan 16x20 (oil)
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